Jordan H. Manigo
Creative director. Designer. Storyteller. Nilla wafer enthusiast.


Untitled Reconstruction

CC 005
Print. Poster. Campaign.

Brand identity system and poster campaign for a stage play telling the story of KKK violence in Spartanburg County in 1871.


Meant to evoke the racial tensions, uncertainty, confusion and chaos that permeated the United States post-civil war, the logotype is an exercise in readability and typoglycemia, the mind's ability to unscramble scrambled words.

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Inspired by the emergency broadcast system of the 1950’s, the color palette and graphic treatment starkly contrasts with the photography — edited with duotones for more naturalistic blacks with an off white.

This in combination with the bold yellow and red hues evoke a feeling of caution, dread, and urgency.