Jordan H. Manigo
Creative director. Designer. Storyteller. Nilla wafer enthusiast.

emblem legal

Emblem Legal

CC 002
Nomenclature. Brand Identity System. Digital Design. Campaign

A contemporary, forward thinking family law practice that rethinks the way a law-firm works.


Focusing on fewer cases that are larger in scope, the client needed an identity system that communicated “I’m the right one for the job,” providing technology driven, minimal hassle legal services at the same skill level as big firms.


The nomenclature and identity draws inspiration from common client testimonials: determined, diligent, motivated and organized.

“Emblem” was chosen as it is something serving as a symbolic representation of a particular quality or concept.


The messaging structure conveys meaningfulness, accessibility and adaptability.

The logo, a coat-of-arms + arrow merger, embodies those core ideas.


Designing a website that’s accessible, organized and easy to navigate was an essential part of the identity system.