Jordan H. Manigo
Creative director. Designer. Storyteller. Nilla wafer enthusiast.



I. How does Hub Bub encourage broad and diverse community involvement?

II. What is the best and most efficient way to provide content and economical exposure for local artists in Spartanburg?

III. How can local artists repurpose public space?

IV. What aspects of Hub Bub’s current visual language and guidelines should be maintained and which should change?



I. Re-engage the local artistic community through a refreshed web / social media presence that encourages active participation and provides an open space to showcase their work.

II. Provide a city wide canvas for the Spartanburg artistic community to express themselves, freely, on their own terms, and have all voices heard equally.

III. Sanction public spaces for locals and visitors to organically interact with one another.

IV. With “Reimagining Place” as the foundation, refine and refocus the visual language, emphasizing bold shapes, color, and white space.



Reimagine Place



This is a mark that pays homage to the original Hub Bub logo, stripped down to its essential elements then rebuilt on paper with hand lettering, so that it is simple, adaptable, recognizable, and understated. 


Color Palette


Header Type


Pull Quote Style

Hub Bub Collateral_Quote_2__web type.png


One of the most important aspects of Hub Bub’s brand identity is the emphasis on the idea that the locals are Hub Bub -- Spartanburg is their canvas, their stage, their studio -- and all aspects of the visuals should convey an atmosphere of inclusion. Locals should feel inspired and encouraged to express themselves and share their work with the rest of the city, regardless of class, age, or race.