Jordan H. Manigo
Creative director. Designer. Storyteller. Nilla wafer enthusiast.



How does Cerra inspire passion in youth who want to teach?

How does Cerra attract more male and minority interest in education?

How does Cerra create an environment that welcomes and encourages unique personalities, identities, and individual interests?

How does Cerra assist seasoned educators in maintaining a sense of self-pride and identity as a teacher?



Evoke passion, openness, identity, and artistry.

Simplify and humanize brand messaging.

Focus on the positives of educating and maintain an emphasis on everyday lives and habits of individual educators.

Stray away from guilt trips and blame games when citing any statistics.

Pride in the mission, in participatory planning, in the values that define the organization, and in supportive partnerships.

Team wide alignment and clarity of brand positioning to promote greater trust between CERRA and it’s partners and participants.

Utilize expressive, energetic and active colors, bold shapes, and negative space to call to mind a sense of: individuality, diversity in expression, warmth, openness, natural growth and health. (Think green living / mental health)



Growing Teachers For South Carolina



Inspired by shapes found in nature with an emphasis on plant life, naturalistic curves, and rounded edges, to symbolize the connection between the three pillars of CERRA (Recruit, Retain, Advance) and its educators.